"What our Customers say..."

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I came across your website by accident and promptly spent hours looking at all the boots. I had previously always gone to Duo but was not happy lately with the quality. I choose my boots and after two phone calls to ask questions, ordered them. The boots came a week earlier than expected and I am absolutely delighted with them. The quality of the leather, the craftsmanship and the fit is excellent. Communication and service is exceptional and I am now looking to save for my next pair. If you want quality, if you want fit and great service, then look no further. Many thanks https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sarah, Tadcaster
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to drop you a line to say thankyou so much for my fab new boots! I must admit to being a little sceptical but I couldn't have been happier when I opened the box. The smell of leather was lovely when I opened the box, the boots were so much nicer than they look online, they fit like a glove! Thanks again - Keep up the good work! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Amanda, Glasgow

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have received my boots and would like to say how delighted I am with them. Not since I lived in Italy in the late 70’s early 80’s have I seen quality like this. They are of superb quality and fit, as well as being affordable! I have raved about them since getting them. I will now buy my boots only from you. Thank you so much for caring enough to make a quality product. Great customer service. A Truly happy customer.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Helen, Oldham
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The boots arrived safely yesterday and have been successfully 'test driven' today. I love them and will definitely be ordering again - I have also passed your web details to friends and my sister has already ordered from you. Keep up the good work!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Trish, Caerphilly
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have just had the first pair of boots arrive (have ordered 3 pairs altogether) and would just like to say these are FANTASTIC, I am really pleased at last to find some that actually fit!!! Please keep up the excellent work and look forward to seeing your ankle boots out in the Spring. Once again many thanks.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Tracey, Nottinghamshire
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know, my boots have arrived and are absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much Rgds https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Gayle, Dublin

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Now that is what I call service! Goodness how kind of you ..... delighted .... after a lifetime of not being able to get lovely boots to fit. Being only 5’ 2” with calves like Wayne Rooney! I know plenty of others like me, so will spread the word! I do think it’s a fabulous concept you have. Many thankshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jane, Bristol

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots arrived this morning and fit perfectly. Look lovely and open up a whole new wardrobe for me. My husband loves them too. Thanks Thankshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Victoria, Derbyshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Yes thanks, the boots arrived yesterday afternoon and I have just tried them, they are fabulous! They fit nicely and I'm really pleased with the style and quality. All in good time for my trip at the weekend. Many many thanks for your personal attention to my order, at what is a busy time for you. A great product and service; I wish you continued success and I will definitely be back again. Best regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Helen, Derby

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Can I just say, what great service you provide at your company. I am gutted about the boots they were beautiful and one was perfect. Do you have any boots that are slightly wider in the foot and ankle? Perhaps the best bet is to order bespoke boots? I will keep trying, regards, https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Janine (odd legs), Wimborne

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank YOU! You have been very kind, helpful and understanding. Sincerely https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Natasha, Hemel Hempstead

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Money went into my account today, thanks for ur help will be ordering some bespoke boots on the weekend from u!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rhian, Port Talbot

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to say my replacement boots have arrived and they are fab. Have been giving all my freinds links to your website and telling them how great you are.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Shirley, Wetherby
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I'll check my account and let u know thanks again for the quick response your customer service is excellent! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rhian, Port Talbot

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just a quick note to let you know I received the boots. Very pleased with them and I appreciate all your help. I will hopefully now be ordering more from you ( faith now restored in mankind !!!!). Once again thank you.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sharon, Evesham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I am pleased to say my boots arrived today and I am thrilled with their quality and fit. I wish to thank your company for it's prompt and personal service. Many thankshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Marion, Hampshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you very much, my boots came today and I love them.Will be ordering from you again. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Tracey, Lincoln

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Received my boots this weekend. Thank you for the delivery, they are the best boots I have ever had! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Tanya, Tewkesbury

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I received my boots today, they are wonderful, so smart and to know they are fitted to my legs makes them even more special. The leather and finish is exquisite. Am sure I will be placing another order. Many thanks for a wonderful product.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Karen, Isle of Man

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif We received the boots on Saturday but were away for the weekend. A neighbour took them in for us & we just got them this morning. They fit perfectly & are very nice quality. My wife will definitely be using you in the future.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Nick & Wendy, Exeter
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the boots - I have worn them for the first time today - and I have now had them on since 8am this morning and they are extremely comfy - well the flat ones anyway - I am sure the others will be as well. I will keep looking on your website - I think I will be a regular customer.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sarah, Lincoln

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you very much for your efforts. This is to confirm that my boots arrived safely this afternoon. They are lovely! Thank you.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rachel, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived yesterday. They're a perfect fit and I'm really happy with them - I've been recommending you to friends and family...Thanks very much!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Beth, Oxford

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots were worth the wait.I love them.Thanks.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Julie, Stoke-on-Trent

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I received the boots today. They are absolutely beautiful - thank you so much. I finally have a perfect pair of boots.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sue, Sussex

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for your excellent service , the boots arrived yesterday and I love them! They fit perfectly and are so elegant! I will order a flat pair once I have decided which style to go for.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Caroline, Leeds

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have just had my boots delivered and they are better than expected. Beautiful leather and well crafted. The customer service went above and beyond so I could have my boots delivered before my wedding. Thank you to everyone who really did an amazing job. I will be recommending you to all of my family and friends. I will also be ordering again - I'm sure I could do with some brown boots too! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Emma, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for your e-mail. I have now received my boots and they are lovely.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Michelle, Holmfirth

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Got the boots Saturday - they are great - Thanks!! Make sure and keep the measurements for the future!!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sinead, Southampton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The boots arrived on Saturday and are well worth the wait. They fit perfectly. May have to wait a bit before ordering another pair though!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Vicoria, Sheffield

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Arrived and very pleased – I shall be back! Thanks.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Mary, Northampton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know the boots arrived yesterday and I'm sooooo pleased with them!! I'm going to have to save up for a brown pair now because they are just perfect. Many thanks. Definitely worth waiting for.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sandra, Upminster

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived today, they are outstanding and I am delighted! Bespoke boots for seagull legs ... They really are quality plus and fit perfectly. Thank you so much for the personal service and regular updates. You will be highly recommended and I will be ordering again. Please add this to your testimonials, I am happy to sing your praises. (I have just returned from Italy with a pair of Bruno Magli boots, your boots are comparable, however, the BMs cost substantially more than this pair and do not fit my legs).https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kim, Andover

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for the safe delivery of my lovely boots. They are brilliant and fit very well - I thought I'd never get sexy black boots to fit; the ones in the shops looked like wellies on me because my legs are so thin . Good quality and worth every penny. I shall certainly use your company again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sharron, Menstrie

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived this morning, and they are excellent. I'm glad I opted for the bespoke option, as the boots fit my slim legs beautifully. Thank you for your top-quality, professional service, and I shall recommend your site to my family and friends.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Lindsey, Preston
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to say thank you very much, boots arrived on friday and all i can say is FAB, FAB, FAB.!! I'm delighted. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Delma, Llanelli

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Hi, received the boots friday 19th - look and feel fantastic - will be back for more !
 Thanks- worth the wait.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kathryn, Keighley

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just felt the need to drop a line to say just how pleased I am with the quality and fit of my bespoke boots, such excellent service and quality boots, I don't know how you do it for the price. Have recomended you to everybody I know and will continue to do so, I will definatly be back for another pair.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jacqueline, Southminster
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I thought I must email you to let you know my boots have arrived and they are perfect. So for me no more endless shopping with no success trying to find some boots that will fit me. I cannot count the hours I have spent over the past couple of years looking for some boots to fit me. So you'll definitely be hearing from me again soon. Once again thank you for your service which has made someone very happy. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Beatrice, Kent

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The boots have arrived and are a wonderful fit, very very comfortable. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Deborah, Bridgend

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I received my boots earlier this week and I just wanted to say that they fit perfectly, the leather is beautiful and the style classic. Thanks very much.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Debbie, Taunton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots have arrived, thank you for your help I will be ordering more in the New Year!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Samantha, Brixham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know that both my daughters received their boots yesterday and were absolutely thrilled with them . Many thanks for all your efforts.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
John, Colchester
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to let you know that my boots arrived yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful. The leather is so soft and the fit is perfect. I am so glad I opted for the bespoke boots. Please pass on my thank to all involved, especially the boot makers. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Nicola, Leeds
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived on the Saturday as promised and I am delighted with both the quality and the fit.Very many thanks, they were worth the wait!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sarah, Farnborough
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just wanted to let you know that they've arrived! They are gorgeous, really well made and the fit is perfect. The handwritten note in the box was a lovely touch. I'll definitely be ordering my boots from you in future!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Lianne, Rochdale

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to write and say how delighted I am with my boots! As a lady with “skinny” legs it is fantastic to at last have a pair of boots that fit. I wondered if there was any chance of you introducing patent black leather into the collection?https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Debbie, Attleborough

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I would just like to say a big thank you for my Capri Boots received last week. They are perfect and well worth the wait. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Linda, Rochdale
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to say my boots have just arrived and they are perfect - exactly what I wanted, thank you! They fit perfectly, just big enough to wear jeans in them, but not so big that they look like wellies around my little legs which is always the problem I've had with boots! And the lining is lovely and will keep me nice and warm in all this snow. Well worth the wait! I'll definately be ordering more in the future so please keep my measurements on file!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Gwanwyn, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have just received the boots I ordered, and they were definitely worth waiting for. They fit wonderfully, and are so comfortable. I will definitely use your company again when I need more boots. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Ann, Oxforshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Hurrah!!!!! the boots arrived today (sunday!). They are FABULOUS - really comfy and so smart, and a good fit. I'm thrilled. Thank you so much.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rachel, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Sorry I never got around to emailing to say that my boots have arrived and I am delighted with them. I have recommended your company to at least 20 people and have asked Father Christmas for another pair. I was very impressed with your customer service and keeping in touch when there was a delay. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Helen, Petersfield

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just wanted to advise that my boots have arrived and may I say a huge Thank You to everyone for them, as they are absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly. I am absolutely delighted & will certainly be ordering from your company again. Once again Thank You to everyone and all good wishes for Christmas & the New Year.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jacqueline, Brighton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif received my boots yesterday 9th dec was quite nervous opening the box thinking have i placed the right sizes etc took them out of box and thought wow love them tried them on and nearly cried because i have never been able to get a pair of boots to fit my skinny legs ha...thank youhttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Judith, Bishop Auckland

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots have arrived and are great, so well made. Thanks for keeping me updated too, much appreciated. Have already recommended to friends!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Karina, Wimbledon

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much. Boots received this morning. Super Duper! Merry Christmas to you and all the staff. We will order from you again!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Payal, Birmingham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Hi, my boots have arrived and are lovely. Many thanks for the excellent service. Happy christmas.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jen, Bournemouth

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for a very professional service, the boots arrived at lunch time and look superb.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Lynn, Glossop

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thanks very much for my new black suede boots! They fit like a glove and are very comfortable. I wore them the next day to work and they felt good all day. I will be back for more!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Annie, Redhill

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for the boots...which have now arrived safe and sound... I LOVE them and the fit and feel of the leather is superb. Thank you also for keeping me updated on the delays and expected arrival....that is what I call excellent customer service!!! I shall be checking back regularly for new styles being added as I would love to order more but at present the style I have ordered is the only one suitable to my taste. I will keep checking though!!! Again many many thanks.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Mo, Whitwell
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I've received the boots and just wanted to send an email saying how lovely the boots are. I will definitely recommend friends to purchase boots from you. Many thanks.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Louise, Northallerton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for taking the trouble to keep me informed about the delay with sending out my boots but I just wanted to say how really pleased I am with them. I was a little anxious that they would not fit and have to admit they were quite snug fitting initially but having worn them 2 or 3 times the leather is relaxing and they are so comfortable - never thought I would ever get boots to fit my fat ankles and calves. Thank you!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jackie, Cambridge
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I am sitting here, wearing my lovely new purple Capri boots and they are fabulous! Thank you very much for doing whatever you did to this pair, they fit perfectly. Your customer service has been exemplary – I wish more retailers took the care of their clients as you did. I shall be back to buy some more boots very soon!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Iona, Bristol

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots have arrived this morning – we have a very tenacious postman!! They are stunning!! A big thank you for them & for getting them here so that I can wear them on Christmas day!! Yay!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Susanm Worcestershire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I am very pleased to say that I received my boots yesterday and that are absolutely gorgeous. The quality and fit are superb. It may have been a long wait but it was certainly worth it and thank you for keeping us so well informed. Happy Christmashttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jane, Milton Keynes

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thanks for the updates that you have been sending. My boots arrived today and they are perfect. They fit beautifully, all we need now is for the snow to go away and maybe I will get to wear them! Have a very Merry Christmashttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Andrea, Renfrewshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for keeping me informed and getting my boots to me under difficult circumstances. I just love my new boots and will be sure to check your site in the futurehttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Fiona, N. Lanarkshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived safely yesterday and are wonderful. I can't tell you how long I have searched the shoe shops for a pair of boots that fit. I have slim (well skinny really!) legs. Your boots fit beautifully and to be able to say I have made to measure boots is a surprise to my friends. Thank you also for keeping me updated re the delay. First with the factory and then with the snow. Once again thank you and I will recommend you to all my family and friends.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Mavis, Sittingbourne

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know that my boots have arrived and I am very pleased with them. The fit is perfect and the quality excellent. Worth waiting for!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Clare, Bath

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Many thanks for the boots which arrived just before Christmas I am really delighted with them and they have been much admired already.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jayne, Horsham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for the boots, they are wonderfull. My girl friend is really happy.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Pierre-Nicolas, Paris
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thanks for your great service, will sing your praises from the roof tops. Merry Xmas and a great new year.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jane, Whiltshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Got my boots today, they are amazing, I was so excited when they arrrived, when I opened the box the smell of the new leather was great. They fit like a glove, the measurements are spot on, thank you so much. They were a long wait arriving but it was worth the wait, I shall be ordering in the near future again to save up to buy a black pair. You guys are amazing, can't thank you enough. I will definately be passing your web details on to my friends, can't wait to wear them out and about. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jaswant, Longthorpe
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say thank you so much for personally hand delivering my boots to make sure I got them in time for Christmas. I suffer from Lymphodema which means finding calf length boots that fit is a nightmare. Being able to give ankle and calf measurements has been fantastic and the boots are of fabulous quality. Before I found your site, I had tried Duo boots which didn’t fit around the ankle and I had even contacted a firm in London with regards to having bespoke boots made. They said they would take six months and cost in the region of £1800. So thank you, at long last I have a pair of fabulous boots that fit, which are of great quality and all for a fantastic price. Thank you again and if you can get the boot right for her – I suspect my mum will order a pair in every colour!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Annelie, Sandhurst

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I am pleased to tell you that my boots have arrived safely today and even more pleased to say that the fit is now perfect!! I have never been able to find boots that fit me properly so I am thrilled with my new bespoke boots. Thank you and your team so very much for sorting them out for me so swiftly, I wasn't expecting to receive them until January but now I have them in time for Christmas! I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service I have received from your company and will recommend you to all my friends and family. I love my new boots!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jane, Burton-on-Trent

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say that my boots arrived yesterday and are a perfect fit. I am very pleased with them they were worth the wait.Thanks also for the email messages letting me know the situation re the delivery. It isn't often that companies bother with that level of communication. I hope this attention to detail continues, I will certainly be recommending you not only for your product but also your customer service.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Alison, Stroud, Gloucestershire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for my boots, I’m so happy to have a pair that actually fit properly. The leather is good quality, they are warm and don’t slip, can’t praise you enough, they were even delivered quickly despite the weather problems. I will certainly buy boots from you again – have told all my friends about you too.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Barbara, Nottingham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Got them!!! Got them on with my dressing gown - they're so comfy! Many thanks for all your efforts. I'll definitely order from you again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif


https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for my boots they are gorgeous and i am over the moon with them. I wil definately recommend you to all my friends.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Linda, Stevenston

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know my boots arrived yesterday and they are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for your advice on style, and your persistence in helping me to get something to fit. I really appreciate the trouble you took. I still have the first boots so assume I send them down to you in London? Thanks again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Mary, Edinburgh
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just a quick message to say my boots arrived safely back this morning. They fit so much better now. Many thanks for your speedy and efficient service. Looking forward to ordering from you again in the future.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Pauline, Long Sutton.

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have these new boots already! They are a 32 calf actually which leaves a little room but they look great! The height isn't a problem they look cute! Thank you so much for swapping them over, the website was perfectly clear that they were bespoke and you couldn't send them back but you understood my mistake and helped to rectify it. I am so pleased, I am 27 and I have been looking for some boots that fit my leg since I was 13 and I finally found some. Can you believe that in a world where skinny is the look right now you'd have so much trouble finding shoes!! Well it is a trouble and for us skinny girls and the big ones alike your website and bespoke boots solve the problem. Hopefully I can get some flat boots soon !!! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rachel, Telscombe Cliffs

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know that the boots have arrived and they are perfectly gorgeous!! I will, no doubt, be ordering another pair soon - I am so thrilled! Thank you very much indeed!!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Marina, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just a quick note to say how delighted I am both with my boots and the service you offered. You made every effort to keep me informed about the delay and this approach was much appreciated. I will be recommending both your products and your service to friends and family.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Deborah, Ruislip

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Hi, I just wanted to let you know that at last my boots have arrived, what was under extreme difficulties to which you kept me FULLY informed and I will admit I was a little apprehensive after the first email, (I, like some of your other customers have always used Duo who are also excellent but fancied a change) using a new website is always daunting, but I have been bowled over with the excellent service provided oh and of course the boots are fantastic. Thank you all for your great efforts.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Janice, Windsor

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I recieved my boots on Tuesday 21st December 2010 and I'm pleased with the quality they were well worth the wait. I will have no problem ordering from your company in the future.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rosie, Enniskillen

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to write and say thankyou for my rimini boots which arrived this morning, well packaged and an excellent fit!!! As I have quite big calves it can sometimes be a problem doing the zip right up to the top but these were a dream, also the personal note was a lovely touch, I shall be recommending you to friends!!!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sally, Essex
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have not been able to wear zipped up boots for many a year due to Lymphoedema (water retension) in my right foot and leg. The pair of bespoke boots I ordered arrived yesterday and they fit like a glove. Thank you.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Carolyn, Peterborough

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just thought I would let you know that the boots arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with them. I will be ordering again. Lets hope next time it doesnt take the royal mail 2 weeks to deliver! Thank you for help and excellent service.My only nigggle is I would have liked them to be a couple of inches longer.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My oh my they're beautiful! thank you soooo much! i love them. Wonderful service, excellent communication. Worth every penny.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kate, Camberley

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived today. Wow! The purple suede is every bit as luxurious as the web picture suggested and the craftsmanship excellent. I am delighted! With thanks & regards, wishing you a COOL YULE!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rebecca, Angus

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just recieved my new boots - absolutely fabulous!! Just wanted to thank you for the delivery and for the good customer care with regards to the emails you sent which kept me informed. You will definitely be recommended, and I shall definitely be using you to buy my next pair of boots!!https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Clare, Neath Port Talbot

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Many thanks - received and tried this morning. Lovely to have only my second pair of knee length boots since I was 18 (now 61!!!). Many thanks for keeping me aware of developments through snow and ice. Looking forward to having another pair in the future.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Susan, Exmouth

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say thank for the boots that arrived yesterday. Nick has been incredibly patient and helpful in finding a style that fitted and although they are not my first choice they are beautifully made and much admired. Thanks again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Nicola, Chesterfield

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just a quick email to say thank you for the boots. They are so comfortable to wear and fit like a glove. I will definitely be back for another pair in the future.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Samantha, Penzance

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for your email and keeping me informed on progress of my boots. Please do not worry, I am more than happy to wait, the quality of my first pair which arrived a few weeks ago and the excellent service I have received show how caring a company you are. There is no problem for me in waiting as I am off on holiday 21st October - 1st November so will not be about to collect. Thank you once again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kathleen, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for my waxy brown Siennas. I love them. It's a shame that my black boots won't be here on time, but I am more than satisfied with the brown for now, and look forward to receiving the black ones very soon. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Maura, Isle of Man

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I thought I'd let you know you have a very satisfied customer...despite all the ups and downs connected with my order! The CAPRI boots arrived this morning as promised and are absolutely perfect. Beautifully made, good looking and really comfortable. They were well worth waiting for.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Judi, South Petherton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for my boots which arived yesterday, The fit is fine now. Thanks for keeping me updated so regularly, you really provide a good service and value for money too.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jean, Hastings
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Many thanks, I received my boots first thing this morning, they are absolutely beautiful and fit like a dream. I can't thank you enough for providing a service for women like myself who have extremely large calves but still wish to be fashionable.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Joanne, Birmingham

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my boots. They are a perfect fit and I am absolutely delighted with them. The quality is also fantastic. Thank you once again for your prompt servicehttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sandra, Belfast

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots received Saturday morning and they fit beautifully. I have been really impressed with the level of service and keeping in touch with the order progress before Christmas, despite difficult circumstances. The product is of great quality too, so well worth the wait. I will certainly be recommending others to your site.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kathy, Wellingborough

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boot arrived just as you said. I was really pleased with the service and the boots are out of this world. I never dream't I would own a pair of boots of that quality and fit. I have told all my friends who have problems getting boots to fit them and hope they contact you soon. Thank you for making me very happy.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Julie, Portsmouth

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have just taken delivery of my new boots it might of taken you a while to get them too me but boy was it worth the wait! They are simply amazing and already have been commented on. I will be ordering more soon. Please pass on my thanks to the team and I also wish the owner of your factory good wishes with his health.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Anne-Louise, London
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the boots and to say thank you for providing such an efficient service. I will be ordering more boots from you and will be telling my friends about your company too. Thankshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Tracy, Coventry

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots came yesterday. They are fabulous. They fit my small legs !! I can't believe it. You must makes 100's happy! Thank you take care Best wisheshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rachel, Bournemouth
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My bespoke Sienna boots arrived on Wednesday, actually nearly a week earlier than i expected them! I don't normally leave reviews of purchases. However, I feel that the excellent communication received to inform of the progress of my boots and in fact the excellent quality of the product deserves comment. The boots are wonderfully made and the leather is beautiful. I still am pleasantly suprised at the price, as have paid almost the same on the high street for lesser quality and fit. Big thanks to all and have recommended to many friends and colleagues.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Ruth, Stockton-on-Tees

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just returned from a weekend break to find my boots have arrived early which was a nice surprise, and I'm over the moon with them. They fit perfectly, the style and colour are great too. I can see another pair of boots in the wanting maybe with a higher heel and different design. So looking forward to wearing them asap and will be back soon to look out for your new designs. Thank you they are beautiful . https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jacqui – Hampshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived this morning, superquick delivery. Just like to say how delighted I am - perfect fit, beautiful leather and extremely comfortable. I just want to buy more now! Big thanks to for the call regarding my order status and your great product knowledge, I was well impressed. I will definitely be recommending your company to my family and friends. 1st Class Service, 1st Class Product. Thanks again for all your help.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Lynne, Yorkshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you for your email, I received my boots and they are perfect. I wish I had known about the company sooner, the boots are beautifully made, are reasonably priced and I have never ever come across an online service with such excellent customer service. I will be ordering more in the near future! Kind regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
R M, London W8

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Sorry for the delay in sending this email. The boots arrived as promised and my wife is extremely pleased with them. I would like to thank you for all your help, the way the initial problems have been dealt with is a credit to you and your company and we will most certainly be recommending you to our friends and family. Many Thankshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Ray , Northants.

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know my boots have arrived and I'm very pleased with them. Many thanks https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sheila, Warrington
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots arrived first thing Thursday. Tried them on when I got home they fit great. Pleased with the neat looking foot. Wore them to work Friday very comfy I feel I could walk miles in them. I will be ordering another pair later in the year. Thank you for all your helphttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Elizabeth, Bradford

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots have arrived – thank you. It might be because they are fresh out of the box but they fit even more beautifully than the other pair! I LOVE THEM! Thank you for flexibility with my order. Until I order my next pair…. Kind regardshttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Victoria, London.

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Boots arrived today. I would just like to say thank you very much they fit just like a pair of gloves. Kind regards,https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Bev, Barnsley

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif the neighbours have just brought my boots round and they are perfect...absolutely b***** perfect...I love them, Thanks so much, https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jane, Bradford

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know my boots arrived yesterday and they are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for your advice on style, and your persistence in helping me to get something to fit. I really appreciate the trouble you took. I still have the first boots so assume I send them down to you in London? Thanks again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Mary, Edinburgh

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just as quick note to say that we received the boots and they fit perfectly! Many thanks for the excellent service – my wife is so pleased with her new boots. Kind regards,https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Russell, Aylesford.

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The boots arrived this morning. They are wonderful...they fit perfectly and I am particularly in love with the purple suede ones - never been able to buy a pair of long suede boots before.....thank you! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Diana, London

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for my boots, they arrived today and fit perfectly, I never thought I would be able to have a pair of boots! I was really impressed with your regular updates on my order and the alterations that needed to be made, and the speed at which they were delivered, I cannot wait to wear them! Thank you again, I will definitely be ordering again.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Charlotte, Mansfield

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much for the fantastic service and by far the best fitting & most comfortable boots I've ever had! I've just bought my second pair a mere 2 days after the first pair arrived and the service has been excellent from start to finish! I'm so impressed that I've recommended the website to friends and family.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Melanie, Bicester

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My three years of winter trekking round every shop around to find a pair of boots that would fit me snugly is over thanks to you. I must admit I was a little worried that I had not seen or tried on. I need not have been they are perfect. I will definitely know where to go for my next pair. Thank you for all your help.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
June, Maidenhead

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so very much for my truly beautiful boots. They arrived as promised in time for the holidays and I am absolutely delighted with them. This is the first time in over 40 years that I have been able to wear a high fashion boot, they even encouraged me to wear a skirt, something else I rarely do! I wore them to a lunch with my husband and sister over the Christmas break and they are so comfortable and well fitting, I felt a million dollars!! Once again, many, many thanks. Your personal service and delivery are second to none.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Susan, Sheffield

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I have just received my boots a week earlier than expected and couldn't be happier with them. They are a perfect fit and of a very high quality. This is the first time I have been able to wear knee high boots due to lymph oedema, and they will revolutionise my wardrobe - I can't wait to go shopping and will definitely be ordering more. My initial communication received from the company was very helpful and i just want to thank you for your excellent service . Please feel free to share this on your feedback page. Kind regards, https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jo, Bolton

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to let you know I have tried the boots on they are beautiful, far better than expected. They fit like a glove. I am very impressed. I will keep your site available and will visit again, I dare say I will be getting another pair. I tried the boots after Christmas they are stunning, they fit beautifully, they do not rub, nip and have caused no blisters, I cannot express how pleased I am with the purchase. The first pair of boots I have ever owned at 48 years old it took some doing but finally my large calves no longer stop me having knee high boots. Thanks again for not over selling your product and then it's just a let down. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Patricia, Keighly

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Got my boots today....Genius... best fitting boots ever! Will be test driving them on Friday evening with Reception year Mum’s Christmas night out Will feedback comments Thank you !!! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Emma, Wiltshire

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just to let you know the boots arrived yesterday (initially delivered to wrong address!) and ....what joy – Margaret has never been so thrilled. they fit beautifully – they are superb quality and very warm! She was so thrilled with them – her first pair of boots she has ever possessed – that she was moved to tears! Can’t thank you enough – am going to post a review for you! We will be back!! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jacky, Cleveland

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Kensington boots Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the boots. Already worn them perfect fit etc. and loads of compliments so have passed your name on just five minutes ago to a complete stranger in Tesco!!! Thank you for sorting everything out for me and I shall soon be in touch to order again from you. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Kath, Leeds

Testimonials from Australia, NZ & South Africa

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif It’s been a few weeks now and I have been wearing my boots quite regularly and all I can say is: I absolutely love them! Not being able to find knee high boots in South Africa, as my calf circumference is 42cm around the widest part and believe me when I tell you that I went to every single large retailer and some smaller ones and must have tried on over 50 different kinds of boots, The Bootmakers were an answer to prayer! I was overjoyed when I received my boots, then devastated when they appeared to not fit. The leather has begun to soften slightly around the heel and now they are even easier to get on and I can wear them happily for an entire day at the office and well into the night! I have not had any pain or blistering which for me is pretty new. I get complimented on my boots all the time and people are amazed that I ordered them online and that they fit so incredibly well! I am an exceptionally happy customer who has never owned a pair of knee high boots! I will happily recommend your company to anyone who wishes to get sheer quality and masterful craftsmanship! The boots were more than I would have paid in South Africa but for the product I got I was only too happy to pay a premium price. Thank you once again, first for the guidance in measuring on your website which is clear and concise, the smooth ordering process, prompt delivery through DHL and of course your advice regarding getting them on! I am looking forward to ordering more boots through The Bootmakers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great day! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Debra, South Africa

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I had been looking for well fitting boots that do not sag down my legs for years in Sydney and even if they are made for you here they will cost a fortune and still not have a close fit around the calf and ankle. Well that has all changed now that I have found The Bootmakers!! I received my bespoke boots today after only ordering them on 7th April, not even a month ago. You were very fast to answer my initial queries and kept me informed about the process and when to expect delivery. I work in fashion as a bespoke designer myself so I am super fastidious about the workmanship and finish of anything I wear. I ordered Kensington knee high boots in Navy, I am so delighted with the excellent service and the very beautifully made boots. I am about to order 2 more pairs in different colours~this is the trouble with working in fashion. I paid about a quarter of what I would here in Sydney and got much better service. Thank you.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Victoria, Sydney

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you!!!!!! :-) My boots arrived today.....I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! They fit perfectly, they look awesome & I will be ordering again very soon.... Thanks for the super fast delivery..... I work in the plus sized fashion industry and so many of my clients have the same problem as me....bigger calves & Australia just does not have the variety of styles as you and at the prices you offer.....So I will be recommending you to many people...... Keep up the GREAT work!!!!! Cheers Dani https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Dani - Melbourne

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I would like to thank you for the two pairs of boots that I received on the 6th May 2013. They fit her perfect, and for the first time she has boots that fit like a glove. Previously she could not find boots in South Africa that fitted her around the calves. Your service and DHL’s were very professional , and I was continually updated advising me of the delivery of the boots. The estimated delivery time was also on schedule. In the future I will definitely use you again, as well as recommending your company to friends. Regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Phillip, South Africa

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I just wanted to let you know that my three pairs of boots arrived while I was away on holidays a couple of weeks ago, so I didn't get to open them until last week. My Mum kept saying what if they don't fit; you can't spend all that money on something you can't try on. But I'm glad to say my faith in your boots was confirmed with all pairs fitting perfectly and very comfortable, I have already worn two pairs on more than one occasion in the week since getting them. So thanks for your prompt, efficient and customer focussed service. I will recommend you to others here in Australia. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Hilary – Mount Barker Australia

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just wanted to drop a quick "Thank You" for the most amazing boots! They arrived right on time earlier on Monday and I was so impressed by them. My lifelong hunt for the perfect boots ended the minute I tried them on! I brought them to a cobbler yesterday to have anti-slip soles put onto them - he took one look at them and asked me where I bought them as they were so well-made. I look forward to having a second pair made in the near future and in the meantime, would love to be kept posted on any new designs/styles. Best regards, https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Natasha, Point Cook

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif That’s very good of you, thanks. The boots are lovely and fit perfectly! My colleagues at work were all asking where I got them so you may soon be getting more orders from New Zealand! Kind regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jacky, Auckland

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Thank you so much, my boots are absolutely gorgeous. First time in my life I have boots that fit and they are oh sooooo comfortable. The leather on the inside and outside is so soft its amazing. I felt so informed all through the process with regular emails about where they were up to and they even arrived at our small country town in Australia 2 days before the expected delivery date. I will certainly buy another pair and have forwarded the web site to a number of family and friends who are all keen to look at your boots having seen my beautiful boots and hearing about the wonderful service provided. You provide an amazing service and I will happily continue to recommend your boots Regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Janni - Moruya NSW Australia

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The superb purple suede boots arrived today. I love them so much. So again many thanks for such a stunning pair of boots. Look out for me next winter! Or maybe sooner! I love the fabulous Capri boots so much! 2 pair and counting! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Phillipa – Wantirna
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif My boots arrived today and they’re lovely. Thank you. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Parveen, Australia

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The Purple boots arrived and they are gorgeous! Thank you. They are a little tight around the ankle so I will see if they loosen a little before I order the Black Leather Albas. Thanks again. Jeraldine https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jeraldine, Australia

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The Windsor boots arrived last Tuesday. They fit really well and are very comfortable - I've worn them twice and no new shoe "break-in" problems. Glad we went with a size 41 - I think a 40 would have been a wee bit tight. I was just about to place an order for Sienna (in the purple suede, of course) and Aspire (black mock croc - can't wait). Would you mind replying to both e-mail addresses, so I can place the new order as soon as I hear from you? Kind regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Cath - New South Wales

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif New boots arrived early Tuesday and I am delighted. Having purchased on the 'see, feel, try on' system for 74 years, this was a daunting exercise - I would have probably flunked out without your patience and guidance. Thank you again . https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
(a very happy) Patricia - Redland City AU

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif They arrived this morning ! They fit perfectly and I am very happy with them. Can't wait to wear them when I go out. Thanks so much for the updates and your feedback. I'm glad I decided to buy the boots from you. I was initially going to buy a pair of Ros Hommerson boots from the US (as I already have a pair and I know the fit), but I think the Rimini ones from Bootmakers look better and they fit better.
Thanks again https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Laurena, Sydney
My beautiful boots arrived today. How amazing they fit and what service you provided. An immense amount of thanks for having my bespoke boots ready in a month and sent down under with another 6 weeks of Aussie winter remaining to show off my gorgeous footwear (which I shall be doing constantly!). A very big thank you for the allowing the change in measurements before production, the fit is impeccable. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Michelle – St Alban’s East Australia

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Just letting you know that my boots arrived today. I cant believe how quick they were to come all that way to my little town. The boots are fantastic and are a perfect fit ! The leather is great and the boots are faultless. I will be telling all my friends about your wonderful service. Australia really needs a company like yours, so please keep delivering to all of us boot lovers here in Australia. Once again , THANKS ! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sue - Ulladulla NSW

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif Yes, thankyou, they arrived on Friday. They are quite lovely! Thanks and regards https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Susan, Sydney Australia
https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif "How about this - my boots arrived today, less that a week since ordering them and from the other side of the world! What a speedy service, I am so impressed. The boots are great and fit perfectly, a bit of a relief having never bought footweat online before, returning them would have been rather costly! Thanks again." https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Sue, New Zealand
Testimonials from North America

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I got my boots yesterday and I love them. I will definitely be recommending you, and ordering more pairs in the future. Having them shipped via DHL of course! https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Amye, Canada

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif I received my bespoke Windsor boots. They are beautiful. Thank you for all your help. Now my mother wants a pair.https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Rosemay - Louisville


https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif TALL GIRLS take notice! After years of being frustrated by over the counter boots, I went on line and searched "Big feet / Skinny legs". Your site came up. OMG... thank you for perfectly customizing my boots to my shape of leg and foot! I am now on my second pair and will be ordering many more. https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Carolyn - NYC

Testimonials from Rest of the World

https://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif The boots have just arrived and they are beautiful. You guys are AMAZING!!!! Thanks for all your help and amazing service! I have already passed your webite on to my friends :) Cheershttps://www.thebootmakers.com/images/quote-end.gif
Jamina, Moscow


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