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The Bootmakers are different. We hand craft each pair of boots to your requested calf, ankle and height measurements - so why compromise. You have found the perfect solution whether you have slim legs needing narrow boots or are curvaceous and need a wider cut, indeed many of our customers are ‘average’ size who just want to take advantage of our fabulous quality boots made to their exact requirements in an unrivalled choice of colours. Your orders are processed and dispatched from our offices on London’s iconic King’s Road. Each pair is handcrafted in our family owned workshops in one of Europe’s leading centres for production of top quality footwear. Our boots are amazing value for money and will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few weeks. Like most good things in life they are worth waiting for.

American bootlovers!

US orders save 20% UK VAT on prices shown - further savings if you order two or more pairs.. More information and discount codes see How to Order

Tape measure to ensure the perfect fit of wide calf boots

Perfect for all sizes

With standard calf sizes from 26 to 52 cms in most styles we are the perfect solution for all legs. Uniquely you can also specify height and ankle size. Why compromise!

Craftman hand cutting a slim calf boot
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