Fitting Guide - 3 easy steps to measurements for the ultimate in fitted boots

Step one – The CalfStep two – The AnkleStep three - Boot height

Step one - The Calf


Measure both calves at the widest point. If you intend to wear your boots over thick tights, trousers or jeans then measure your legs wearing them. Our craftsmen cut accurately so there is no need to “add for safety”.

Your calves may have slightly different measurements, as long as the difference is one cm or less we suggest using the smaller of the measurements – we use very soft leathers which will give in wear. Furthermore there is a hidden stretch panel or adjustable strap designed into all our boots.

If the difference in your calves is more than two cms for an extra charge we can make each boot a different size, call or email us and we will get back to you.

Step two - The Ankle


As all our boots are made to individual order we need your ankle measurement, our craftsmen will use this measurement to further tailor your boots for an elegant profile.

For slimmer calves the measurement should be taken around the bone of your ankle. For slim legs your ankle measurement may be below the minimum option shown. Making the ankle smaller spoils shape, causes wrinkling and can make it difficult to get the boot on your foot so choose the minimum option shown.

For calves 40 cms and more take the measurement at the ankle bone and just above the ankle bone - use the larger of the two measurements for your order. If you have swollen ankles or lower calves please take the measurement a little higher to ensure a comfortable fit at the ankle and lower calf.

Step three - Boot Height


You will also need to specify the height of your boots. Stand on the floor in bare feet and measure up your leg to the height you want.

There is a strong correlation between your foot size and height. We find for most customers and styles the best boot shape is achieved if the height in cms is within one cm of the European foot size i.e. if you have an European foot size 39 the best height for most customers will be between 38 and 40 cms.

Everyone is different so if you have any doubts or questions just email or call and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Now you have your measurements you can choose your style and colour >>

Foot Sizes

European UK USA AUS
36 3 6 5.5
37 4 6.5 6.5
38 5 7.5 7.5
39 6 8 8.5
40 7 9 9.5
41 8 10 10.5
42 9 11 11.5
Quick Tip. If you don't have a tape measure on hand, use a piece of string or something flexible to wrap around the widest part of your calf and then simply measure out along a ruler!

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The Bootmakers are different. We hand craft each pair of boots to your requested calf, ankle and height measurements - so why compromise. You have found the perfect solution whether you have slim legs needing narrow boots or are curvaceous and need a wider cut, indeed many of our customers are ‘average’ size who just want to take advantage of our fabulous quality boots made to their exact requirements in an unrivalled choice of colours. Your orders are processed and dispatched from our offices on London’s iconic King’s Road. Each pair is handcrafted in our family owned workshops in one of Europe’s leading centres for production of top quality footwear. Our boots are amazing value for money and will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few weeks. Like most good things in life they are worth waiting for.